Comments by on-line petitioners:

Elizabeth Ayoub, North Miami Beach, FL
"It's always such a wonder to me how people pull their strengths together for a great cause, this one being of utmost importance. Just like the Miami River Circle, we need to preserve this water landmark - a symbol of history, preservation and immortality!"
Joe Peters, Fort Lauderdale, FL
"Are these structures blocking the view of the overly rich or, did we just run out of crack houses to tear down? Leave what little history we have alone!"
David and Julia Bianchi, Fisher Island, FL
"The government permits squatters to remain on land owned by the Park Service; it permits ranchers to graze their cattle on Park Service land; lumber companies to cut down 100 year old trees FOR A PROFIT on Park Service land; etc. Seven houses with virtually no environmental impact, no profit motive and the support of thousands should mean something to those that decide who to make exceptions for. Senator Brooke (the former senator from Massachusetts) once stated in a Senate debate over the purchase of land in Alaska that Alaska was a "state of mind" for most Americans. What he meant was that even though they would probably never see or visit it, there was broad support for preserving it because of what it represented and how it made them feel. Stiltsville is similar for those who live here and have experienced it. Like the vastness of Alaska, it is a "state of mind" for South Florida recalling a simpler and less structured lifestyle that has slowly been destroyed with each new high-rise and every truckload of concrete. It should be preserved."
Deardre R. Smith, Washington D.C.
"I was born and raised in Miami, FL, and some of my best memories growing up are from Stiltsville. Stiltsville is one of those magical places that captures the essence of South Florida--its beauty, uniqueness, and lifestyle. Although I currently live out of state, I always try to incorporate Stiltsville into my plans whenever I go home to Miami. When showing off Miami to friends, Stiltsville is a must see. I am proud to show them a world that is unique to Florida's climate, weather, and approach to life!"
A. J. Parke, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
"This is a tremendously important piece of South Florida's history. It must be saved - Private or Public - I don’t care, but it must go on!"
Sylvia (Rickey) Sharpe, Miami, FL
"I am a life-time resident of Miami, and grew up with Stiltsville as a part of Miami, just as Biscayne Bay, the Miami River and "Moon Over Miami". I am greatly concerned what will happen to the ecology of Biscayne Bay in that area if the stilt houses are taken down. The houses are home to the animal and plant life. All kinds of birds rest on the docks and are undisturbed by the humans in the house. They continue to fish while we are there too. There is an abundance of marine life under the houses. The children that come to Stiltsville which include Boy and Girl Scout and children of the members are able to enjoy and study them in a safe and supervised manner. Boaters, who often have small children, have come to the houses as safe harbor in violent thunderstorms like this past weekend, Memorial Day weekend
Diane Bray, Stone Mountain, GA
"I lived in Miami from 1968 to 1990 and loved to see Stiltsville both from the water and from the Park. Stiltsville is lovely to look at in the early morning and late evening as it floats above the water. I think it imperative to save as a historical site. Miami has so few historical places and Stiltsville is unique. It would be a shame to lose these structures."
Donald Lutton, Miami, FL
Donald Lutton, B.S. and M.S. in Parks Administration.
"The Stiltsville homes bring international attention to the National Park in which they are located much the same way that natural wonders and historic sites bring attention to National Parks all across the country. It is an ideal situation for any park to posses any feature (natural or manmade) that is both interesting and unique as it draws attention and increases attendance and leaves visitors with a positive visual image that can be shared with others to attract further attendance and recognition. Not only are the Stiltsville homes unique and interesting but they are a clever metaphor for the Ultimate in South Florida Lifestyle. The homes make the people of South Florida proud and visitors envious.
Edwin H. Bishop, Jr., Atlanta, GA
"I visited the Quarterdeck Club with my dad as kid. I fished with a drop line through the kitchen scuttle while Dad gambled with Bebe Rebozo and Richard Nixon.
Also visited at the Nichols' barge with Johnny as a high-schooler. Later spent more than one New Years Eve at Stiltsville. Andrew blew us away."
Elaine English, Peachtree City, GA
"I sailed on Biscayne Bay for 12 years. Can't imagine it without Stiltsville!"
Barry Ryan, Senoia, GA
"Perhaps none of the existing structures are 50 years old, but it would seem that the concept, tradition, and tradition value associated with the existing still existing structures is MORE than 50 years old."
"My father Ralph Renick used to take us out there with his friends for barbecues and parties. It is fond memories of some great times with him."
Vincent Pigna, Coopersburg, PA
"WE MUST ENDURE! I was born & raised in Coral Gables. Graduate of CG Elementary, Ponce de Leon JR High, & C.G.H.S., FSU. I used to dive and fish around Stiltsville & the Key. It cannot go the way of Tahiti Beach."
Anthony Striner, Sharpsburg, GA
"As a former resident who grew up in Miami and lived for 25 years, there is nothing more precious than our unique history. Miami is constantly changing not always for the better. Stiltsville is a part of old Miami history that definitely should be saved. Best of luck to you."
William V. Woodsmall, Auburn, Alabama
"As a former resident of South Florida and as a fan of all that makes Florida unique, I hope you are able to make the people who can designate Stiltsville a National Landmark recognize the significance of this true image of Florida’s pioneer spirit... still in place in the 20th century!"
Beverly Ross, Miami, FL
"I grew up on Key Biscayne, so Stiltsville and I go way back. I remember when had the Quarterdeck club out there and we kids use to sit on the seawall and listen to the music. I am all for keeping it."
Leo Doon, Royal Palm Beach, FL
"Having Been to Stiltsville several time since to mid 50's I believe it was criminal to not allow the legal owners of structures in this unique community to rebuild their houses after they were damaged by hurricanes. and that the further harassment of the few remaining owners with the mandated demolition of their houses should be ceased."
Theresa L. Teague, Atlanta, GA
"I grew up on the east coast of Florida north of Miami. The Stiltsville community is unique and warrants preservation!"
Michael Quillen, Tallahassee, FL
"I am a native Floridian and a registered voter born in 1960. I have enjoyed the lore and excitement that Stiltsville has brought Florida all my life. Do not destroy a integral part of Florida history for the sake of some one's idea of progress."
Jose Rodriguez, Miami, FL
"It's hard to believe that South Florida has no comprehension of history. So little of our history remains. It is inconceivable that the Miami Circle would have been destroyed or displaced. Similarly, Stiltsville is threatened. When will bureaucrats stop listening to radical environmental lobbyists, when they should be listening to the people and more importantly, to history! I SAY "YES" TO STILTSVILLE!"
Ron Erbel, Key Biscayne, FL
"We have the ONLY Stiltsville...let's keep it."
Thomas D. Waters, Charlotte, NC
"Please help to preserve this very historical area. We have been out there many times."
Ken Sieglinger, Ann Arbor, MI
"I spent the majority of my youth growing up in Miami, Florida (18+ years as a Dade County resident). I'd hate to see the unique quality that Stiltsville lends to the Biscayne area disappears. Please renew the leases for the remaining 7 Stiltsville houses!"
John and Janie Norton, Seattle, WA
"We believe strongly that Stiltsville should be saved. We have been there and know first hand you could not find anything like it anywhere else."
Eric M. Dobson, Houston, TX
"I have been fascinated with and would love to live in Stiltsville since I was 19 years old. Twenty four years now. It goes to show you that they want everybody to conform!"
Elsa Granda, Pembroke Pines, FL
"There are so many other structures out there that are in need of repair and even demolishment. Old bridges, crack houses, widdening of roads, etc. Why are we wanting to tear down these historic, unique landmarks. People go all the way out there just to see these houses close up. Why would you destroy something that means so much to many Floridians."
Mike Zupko, Norcross, GA
"Growing up in Miami and often putting in the water from Biscayne Bay, Stiltsville was a favorite part of every boating trip. After spending hours fishing, cruising or just relaxing on the boat, Stiltsville was always a prominent part of the trip. To take and dismantle a huge piece of Miami's history (although only 70 years old) would be a disgrace to Miami and South Florida. For those who have been there, seen it from the water, seen pictures or even heard about it, Stiltsville is a special place that, unfortunately would only remain in the memories of those of us lucky enough to have visited. For the Federal government to take another unwanted stance on something is unwarranted. Stiltsville is, unfortunately, just another example of the Federal government infringing on what made America what we are (used to be); unique and able to act individually on our own. Saving Stiltsville would be a triumph not only for those of us who are reminded of our individuality through its individuality, but for those who have heard stories of it and long to visit it, or at least know that such a place exists. It would also those in the Federal Government to remember that they are supposed to be working for us, not for themselves exercising power for the sake of exercising power!!!!
Let Stiltsville stand and let us remember our past (both through history and through proper representation)!
Shawna Serig, N. Lauderdale, FL
"As a young girl who spent many days (and a few rainy nights) on Biscayne Bay, one of the most welcoming sights (and exciting as a child) was that of Stiltsville. I can't imagine not being able to show these to my own children one day..."
John Vandiver, Ridge Manor
"As a child and young adult I have spent many days out on the planks of the Miami Springs Power Boat Club house. A lot of who I am is due to my exposure to the unique people and waters surrounding Stiltsville. The powers to be do not understand the historic significance that it holds to the people this beautiful "city" has affected. To destroy it would be a terrible mistake!"
Marcel Rizo, Hialeah, FL
"ITs part of the Florida experience and seascape to Biscayne Bay like none other in the world. Also the long standing pilings have become an artificial ecosystem."
Nancy Nelson, Wellington, FL
"As a native Floridian and long time Miami resident, I hope that Stiltsville can be preserved. It's a unique community and should be considered "Historical" and be preserved..."
Steve Glenn, Washington D.C.
"As a lifelong Floridian and native Miamian, I have enjoyed the hospitality of the Stiltsville community. There has always been a Stiltsville."
Debra W. Spillman, Midlothian, Virginia
"I remember these awesome structures as a child. Please do not destroy such a unique landmark. They are a part of our history, they have a great story to tell."
Grace Faille, Lawrenceville, GA
"Save Stiltsville! It's historic, it's beautiful, and adds to the view of the horizon from Key Biscayne. Don't destroy it!"
Gary Lewis, Aurora, IL
"To protect a national treasure, we should look very closely at its worth and not limit the future by today's date. Seventy years... from now...what is thirty years old will be a hundred. If we do not have the foresight to understand future worth, then our heritage will be lost."
John E Richards, Miami, FL
"Part of a long history and heritage that gets in no ones way."
Anne Landon Dannacher, New York, New York
"Stiltsville is viewed by Floridians and tourists alike as an historic landmark and part of the Florida landscape. The inability to renew such leases would prove to be a very sad day for South Florida residents and tourists."
Steve Bradley, Fort Collins, CO
"What a shame it would be to lose a unique historical community because of government's red tape. It's obvious with the supporting history available that these structures have been around for more than 50 years!"
Thomas E. Prosser, Houston, TX
"As a former Miami resident, it is amazing that the structures have survived so well over the years and are certainly deserving of recognition by the National Registry of Historic Places."
Lilia Veitia, Miami, FL
"Stiltsville is a part of the natural landscape it's been there since I was born. Please leave it alone. I like it and nature likes it too."
Ellen M. Herman, Marietta, GA
"Save Stiltsville- a unique community with lots of character!"
Doug Mackle, Plantation, FL
"I was born in Miami in 1945 and some of my earliest "on the water" memories are of going around Stiltsville in a boat with my dad."
Timothy H Hall, Carrolton, Ohio
"Having been raised in Miami, I had numerous occasions in which I visited Stiltsville and find it a shame that government opinion, instead of the peoples opinion will prevail in a situation where something good can be saved of the history of Miami. The only unnatural structure about Stiltsville is the governments encroachment on a simple little joy that has been in existence long before any of the present day rule puppets began tearing down our history to make room for there own wishes."
Dr. Michael K. Scholz, Key Biscayne, FL
"I grew up out there; lets save Stiltsville!!!!"
Aquilino Larrea III, Coral Gables, FL
"For over 25 years now, my family and friends have enjoyed Stiltsville and all of its precious surroundings. To remove this historic landmark would be a terrible shame. Please keep Stiltsville alive!"
Terry & Lynn Hollingsworth, Atlanta, GA
"We are both native Floridians and need to keep our valuable heritage items such as Stiltsville.
Nancy Putnam, Tallahassee, FL
"Please save Stiltsville! It truly is a landmark and the people involved in it either as owners or as supporters, have nothing but the best of interests for the area, the homes, and the environment."
Karsten and Claudia Amlie, Palm Beach Gardens, Fl
"The Stiltsville houses' aesthetic beauty, historical significance and local importance requires that they not be allowed to drift into history, but rather that they be allowed to remain anchored forever."
Mike Barrile, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
"Could this be another Houseboat Row conspiracy. Throw out the local trash so some pompous developer can move in and build hi-rises for the rich. You guys just can't leave well enough alone."
Heather Curtis, Washington D.C.
"I remember the first time I went to the A-house, the one with all the triangle beams on the roof. My parents took me when I was seven or eight and I loved it. I will never forget it and I think tearing down these structures would be a huge mistake."
Paul and Kimberley Martin, Londonderry, NH
"We have had the pleasure of being guests at one of the homes. What struck us, was the longstanding symbiotic relationship between the human and natural environment. We hope these historic homes can remain as a unique environment."
Ron Hosler, St. Petersburg, FL
"As a native, born and raised in Miami, I know all to well the importance of preserving Miami's history and culture. I have personally witnessed the destruction of original landmarks and structures in Miami and Dade County "for the sake of progress and development". Development is indeed good for an economy, but historical landmarks are the "storybooks" that tie all of Miami's residents together. Even though I don't reside in Miami any longer, I still visit fond memories of some of those landmarks that I grew up with. And today, a few of those landmarks still exist. The rest have been replaced for progress. Stiltsville is one of those very important memories. Sometimes it was fishing below the village and sometimes it was watching from a distant park and wondering what it would be like to live out on the water. Stiltsville was a dream and not just for myself but many others. It's always been my understanding that the residents of the village have taken great care to preserve the environment around them. As a State employee with the Department of Environmental Protection, I can tell you that there are thousands of Floridians around the state who abuse our natural resources and ignore environmental deterioration. Since this is NOT the case with Stiltsville and its residents, we would be doing our history and culture a great injustice not to renew the leases, and preserve one of Miami's unique landmarks."
Eugene A. Shinn, St. Petersburg, FL
"I grew up out there. It is a way of life. As long as it does not affect my insurance rates I see no problem. Waste disposal is not the problem some would like it to be. This is a unique historical/cultural setting that should be preserved."
Leahann Licata, Miami, FL
"Miami is such a young city. It is imperative for us to preserve the unique history Miami has to offer for generations to come."
Pauline Pennell, Portland, Oregon
"Landmarks should not be abolished by the reckless disregard of anyone. They must be protected."
Dereek Alan McDowell, Miami, FL
"It is rare that man's creations can exist is perfect balance and harmony with our natural environments. The destruction of Stiltsville would represent the ultimate tragedy: loss of this treasure and more damage to nature through the removal than the houses existence could cause over the next 100 years."
John Mee, Chicago, IL
"As a former resident of Miami, Stiltsville is an important and unique landmark and seeing it for the first time is one of my favorite memories of Miami. Also, when I see it on TV, it brings back fond memories of Miami. Everyone I know who has been to Miami and has seen Stiltsville still talks about what a great site that was."
Ron Meadows, Chicago, IL
"Having been born and raised in Florida I feel it strongly that it would be a travesty to overlook the historical significance if these uniquely South Florida structures. I still recall fondly my first trip to one of these jewels of Biscayne Bay. They have survived numerous storms and Hurricanes, hopefully they will weather this latest onslaught as well, to once again stand the test of time on Their own merits."
Jo Ann Elliott, Shawnee, KS
"I lived in Miami for 27 years before moving to Kansas. Stiltsville is a historical part of South Florida and should not be removed."
Lila Kirkland Huwiler, Glen Head, NY
"Stiltsville is a wonderfully unique and historic community in Miami. The houses are "landmark icons" to the area. They are part of the local culture and history, and should not be destroyed due to bureaucracy. Stiltsville is a magical place."
Ivonne Guzzo, Coral Gables, FL
"I support Stiltsville. Don't demolish it!!"
Allison Moore, Coral Gables, FL
"Stiltsville is a unique treasure. It would be a shame to destroy something that is such a part of Miami history."
Jim Stribling, Ocala, FL
"These houses have been around a lot longer, weathered more storms than most of the people presently living in this state. We moved from Miami in the late 40's and I remember my father talking about some houses going up out in the bay."
Mr. & Mrs Russell C. Diehl Jr., Broken Arrow, OK
"We think it would be a crime to destroy this piece of Florida's history."
Foster Zebuth, De Bary, FL
"If it isn't broken don't try to fix it! Leave well enough alone!"
Stephan Slovin, Miami Lakes, FL
"Stiltsville is an identified landmark of South Florida. Basing a decision to remove the landmark solely on the length of time is unjust. The South Florida area generally is not old enough to qualify most sites as landmarks under the 50-year rule and therefore should be disregarded in this instance.
Consider: The properties in question have withstood numerous hurricanes. Now it must withstand out of the area politicians that know little to nothing of this area."
Kelly R. Smith, Tulsa, OK
"Although the remaining structures are less than 50 years old, they are all that is left of Stiltsville's rich history! How can the Park Service deny us that history? Anyone who has been to Stiltsville will tell you that the experience is unbelievable. It is like stepping into a different world! Good luck with your efforts to Save Old Stiltsville."
Ron Lagueux, Sarasota, FL
"Enjoyed Stiltsville while living in the Miami area for many years and would hate to see it go."
Cathy Simpkins, Chiefland, FL
"Always enjoyed Stiltsville when living in the Miami area and consider it a spot to show friends when they visit!"
"I will always remember the feeling of being in awe when I'd pass by Stiltsville on the boat and thought "Wow, houses on water". It will be greatly missed!"
Fernando Gattorno, Hialeah, FL
"Stiltsville should remain standing. It provides shelter for a number of species of fish as well as crustaceans. The finger channels that they form have become part of a complex environment that is far beyond our current understanding. They have become almost an essential part of "Old Florida" history. They should be protected and not destroyed, if for us then for future generations to enjoy. Many of us who frequent the bay know how close to home we are when Stiltsville becomes visible from the horizon. Please save Stiltsville..."
William Stewart, Tampa, FL
"A true historical monument to what South Florida was, is and shall represent in the future."
Gaylen & Robert Alders Reynolds, Lutherville, Maryland
"I grew up in Miami and have wonderful memories of Stiltsville. When I got engaged we had our engagement party out there. It meant that much to me that I wanted to share it with my husband. It is THE main reason we visit Miami. We love to go out there and spend the day. It is a unique and beautiful spot that if destroyed would be a great loss for the history of Miami."
Daru Sena Lane, Miami, FL
"How could you tear such a Historic Landmark. When all of the Cubans and other immigrants are fighting and staging sit ins-How could we think of tearing a part of OUR AMERICAN heritage down? Are we the last of a dying breed. DUMBBELLS?"
Robert C. Lane, Pinecrest, FL
"Having lived in Miami over 50 years, I hate to think of us losing another unique aspect of our local history. Stiltsville is just as interesting as the deco hotels on the Beach. We in the midst of great concern for the "Circle" by the river, and rightly so because it is truly a monument to the area's past. Everyone may not agree about the Circle's importance, nor will everyone agree about Stiltsville. Time does march on however, and most newcomers to Miami could probably care less about either! Stiltsville won't cost us the millions that the Circle will. It probably won't cost us anything to save. It's a bargain!
Please save "our" Stiltsville!!!!!!!"
Jorge Quiroz, Miami, FL
Put a stop to the traditional actions of our country to never preserve our history. Even if it is less than 50 years that the houses have been there........It is still part of our past!!!!!"
Karen Keller, Miami, FL
"Please reserve the historical parts of Miami, and this remains to be one of them."
Laurent C. Deschamps, Annapolis, MD
"These structures harm no one and nothing. So why destroy an element of our history and character? No one would think of tearing down the statue of liberty!"
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