Perry Nichol's barge in 1944.

The "official" history of Stiltsville begins with a local fisherman named "Crawfish" Eddie Walker in the early 1930's, however some historians say there were about 12 shacks out in "the flats" as the area was known, as early as 1922. Crawfish Eddie sold bait and beer from his shack and was known for his chilau, a crawfish chowder made with crawfish trapped under his shack. In 1937, Crawfish Eddie got his first neighbors when his close friends and fishing buddies, Thomas Grady and Leo Edward, built their own shacks. During those times shipwrecking and channel dredging were regular maritime activities bringing many people by the area and consequently more shacks. The area was named "the shacks" and "shack colony" by local papers. Some shacks were fishing and boat clubs. Some clubs were popular enough that post cards were printed such the Calvert Club.
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