Miami Springs Power Boat Club, 1950's

The Miami Springs Power Boat Club was started in the late 1950s by twelve blue collar men who lived in and near the Miami Springs area. The idea for a Stiltsville house began when club founders learned that a barge had sunk in a lake. They purchased the barge for $1.00, refloated it and towed it south to Stiltsville where the barge was grounded on a mud flat.

After Hurricane Betsy did damage to the barge in 1965, club members invested in concrete pilings which remain to this day.

Thousands of children have visited over the years including Boy Scout groups and Optimist Club groups. Several television commercials have been filmed at the house over the years as well.

One of the young men who frequented the "Springs House" was Bruce Carter, son of club member Georgie Krell. Bruce was killed while serving in the Marines in Vietnam and is the only person from Dade County to ever receive the Medal of Honor. It is noteworthy that after the Vietnam War the club hosted many disabled Vietnam veterans so they could enjoy a day of sun and fun and fishing at Stiltsville.

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