In 1962 came the Bikini Club. The Bikini Club was a 150-foot yacht named Jeff that was grounded on the flats and turned into a social club. It was owned by Harry Churchville, a.k.a. "Pierre," known to some as a businessman, to others a scam artist. Pierre offered alcoholic beverages, free drinks to bikini clad women and a sundeck for nude bathing all for a $1.00 membership. There was an extra charge for the staterooms

To expand his business, Pierre purchased a military surplus WWII patrol boat and ran it a ground next to the yacht Jeff. The club was receiving plenty of publicity, including the banner headline that read "Bikini Babies bound in Stiltsville" in The Miami Herald. Pierre loved the attention. He claimed to have 1300 members.

The club was raided in 1965 and closed down by the State Beverage Dept. for operating without a liquor license and for possession of forty undersized, out of season, crawfish.

150 ft grounded yacht Jeff, becomes the Bikini Club, 1962

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