April 17, 1999    
To the families and friends of Stiltsville,

Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts on these seven unique and historic treasures. When I first came to South Florida in the early 1980s, I was awestruck by its diverse and exotic landscape. From the Freedom Tower standing guard over Biscayne Bay to the old coral homes nestled among the mangroves and paints Coconut Grove, the history of South Florida has been a struggle to strike a delicate balance between man and nature. For me, Stiltsville represents a harmony in that relationship by offering many Florida families a greater appreciation of our, wondrous resources.

Florida’s landmarks, natural and man-made alike, are an important part of our state’s heritage, but in our evolving culture, they are becoming precious and few. Enduring in their struggle against hurricanes and the elements, the homes of Stiltsville today stand as a sturdy reminder of the peaceful coexistence between the people of South Florida and her environment. They are a part of Old Florida lore and New Florida literature, an incomparable curiosity for visitors and residents alike, and state treasure with a value that cannot be underestimated by our federal government.

For these reasons, join our State Historic Preservation Officer and other friends of Stiltsville in supporting efforts to protect these historic landmarks.