Weekly TV series Miami Vice and Sea Hunt featured Stiltsville in many scenes.   Motion picture Around The World Under The Sea, with Lloyd Bridges and Shirley Easton, was shot at the "A" Frame house.   Other movies, such as Absent of Malice, with Paul Newman and Sally Field, had a scene shot at Stiltsville.  Stiltsville is promoted by the Florida Film Offices as a unique location for historic houses.  Inspired by its beauty and uniqueness, artists and authors have used Stiltsville to set the scene.

Co-Existence: Stiltsville, by Susan Claire-Lauredo, 1998.
A thesis submitted as partial satisfaction of the requirements for the degree of Master of Architecture at Florida International University, Miami, Florida.

MIAMI City of Dreams, Alan S. Maltz, Text by Les Standiford, 1997
Designated the "Official Coffee Table Book of Miami Dade County" by Mayor Alex Penelas

Sea Life Mural at Miami Springs Power Boat Club, by Doreen Komocar, 1997 New!

Photo Journal by Clyde Butcher, one of America's best-known nature photographers
Scroll to the bottom of the article to see Clyde at Stiltsville.

Carol Garvin

Stiltsville Last Stand, 1995

FLorida Place Names, by Allen Morris, 1995
Allen Morris is a historian and journalist, and former clerk of the Florida House of Representatives.  Dr. Morris has published many books and articles on Florida history and government.

Naked Came the Manatee, Chapter 5 "The Old Woman and the Sea," James T. Hall, 1995
Serialized in The Miami Herald's Tropic Magazine

Building Marvelous Miami, by Nicholas N. Patricios, 1994

'The Magic City' Miami, by Arva Moore Parks, 1991

America's Inland Waterway Exploring the Atlantic Seaboard, by Allan C. Fisher, National Geographic Society, 1973



Skin Tight
Carl Hiaasen
soon to become a motion
picture, featuring Stiltsville

Done Deal
by Les Standiford
"Beyond it, a group of strange-looking shadows shimmered, looking almost like houses floating above the water. Which is very nearly what they were. "Stiltsville," he said, taking the drink. He gestured toward the horizon. "I worked out there one summer. Did you know that?" She followed his gaze. "No," she said thoughtfully, "I don't think you ever said."



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