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Talk Magazine
"Endangered Species: Sunset over Stiltsville?" by Charles Gandee, June/July 2000

Southern Boating Magazine
"Saving Stiltsville," by Sandy Wilson, March 2000

Wall Street Journal
Winners/Losers Column, November 24, 1999

USA Today
Nationline "Miami's Stiltsville wins reprieve," by John Bacon with staff and wire reports, November 23, 1999

Naples Daily News
"Ocean homes won't be torn down for at least one year," by Terry Spencer, November 23, 1999

The Miami Herald
"Stiltsville gets second reprieve," by Curtis Morgan, November 23, 1999

The Miami Herald
"Land swap could save Stiltsville," by Curtis Morgan, October 21, 1999

"Saving Cities Built on the Sea," by Tim Padgett, September  13, 1999

Boating World
"Splitsville? The days may be numbered for Stiltsville, Miami's unique landmark," by Michael Verdon, September 1999

The Miami Herald
"Key Biscayne studies annexing Stiltsville," by Curtis Morgan, July 28, 1999

Preservation "Last Boat to Stiltsville," by Michael Cannell, July 1999

Coconut Grove Times
"Die Hard: The Stiltsville seven fight for survival,"  July 1999

USA Today
"Miami's stilt houses get new lease on life: 5 months. maybe more," by Deborah Sharp, June 22, 1999

The Sun Sentinel
"Stiltsville granted reprieve for now," by Robert George, June 22, 1999

People Magazine
"Waterworld: As Miami's Stiltsville awaits a deep-sixing, stubborn owners stick up for their shanties," by Grace Lim, June 21, 1999

"Fabled Florida community 'Stiltsville' wins short reprieve," by staff and wire reports, June 21, 1999

The Sun Sentinel
"Stiltsville makes last stand to keep from falling," by Robert George, June 18, 1999

The Miami Herald
Carl Hiaasen's Column "Stiltsville is useful,"
June 17, 1999

Southern Boating Magazine
"View from the Pilothouse," by SB's Founder: Skip Allen, June 1999

Southern Boating Magazine
"WE CAN save Stiltsville," by Rick Eyerdam, June 1999

The Atlanta Constitution
"Is Stiltsville facing its last stand? It's not historic enough to preserve. But it holds so many of Miami's memories," by Mike Williams. May 28, 1999

USA Today
"Stiltsville could be on its last leg," by Deborah Sharp. May 25, 1999

U.S.News & World Report
"Miami history on sticks," by Linda Robinson, May, 17, 1999

The Palm Beach Post
"Legendary Stiltsville facing its last sunset," by Jenny Staletovich, May 4, 1999

The Miami Herald
"Stiltsville Adrift - Special Report," by Curtis Morgan, Sunday, May 2, 1999

Coconut Grove Times
Editorial, May 1999

Ocean Drive Magazine
"Stiltsville: The turbululent life of Miami's most magical community, by Tom Austin, April 1999

"Colorful Folrida community faces wrecking ball,"
Correspondent Mark Potter April 19, 1999

Sun Sentinel
"Stiltsville residents mount last-ditch effort to save unique bay community," by Robert George. April 8, 1999

The Miami Herald
Editoril, April 2, 1999

The New York Times, National
"A Fight for the Right to Relax in Houses on Stilts,"  by The New York Times, Sunday, December 13, 1998

LIFE Magazine
"Stiltsville," Photography by Jason Fulford, November 1998

Coconut Grove Times
November 1998

International Herald Tribune
Travel Update, by Brian Knowlton, October 15, 1998

The St. Petersburg Times, Floridian
"Stiltsville's Shaky Future," by Bill Duryea, Sunday, October 11, 1998

The Miami Herald
"State board props up claim of Stiltsville's historic status," by Tina Cummings, August 28, 1998

The Christian Science Monitor
"Battle Cry from Florida: Preserve our Pilings," by Isabelle de Pommereau, Wednesday, March 18, 1998

The New Times
"Personal Bests: Best of Miami '97," by Carren Rabbino, 1997

Clyde Butcher Photo Journal, April 1997
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The Miami Herald
"Trying to Keep Stiltsville, Its Stories and Legends,"
by Howard Kleinberg, September 9, 1995

The Miami Herald Tropic Magazine
"On the Waterfront," by Marjorie Klien, March 29, 1992

Scouting Magazine
"Living-It-Up in Stiltsville," Bob Ross, January-February 1987

The Miami Herald
"Chilau and Hot Night Create Shack Colony," by C. G. Berning, Sunday, April 1, 1945

The Miami Herald
"Fun and Laughter Rolls on Sea as Miami Civic Leaders Stage Fellowship Party at Quarterdeck Club Wednesday," by E. V. W. Jones, June 12, 1941

Life Magazine
"Fishermen Get Away from it all at a Club Knee-deep in Biscayne Bay," February 10, 1941


    Talk Magazine, June/July 2000  

Architecture Magazine, July 1999


MotorYacht, January 1986

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