Stiltsville is located on Biscayne Bay roughly one mile south of Cape Florida at the tip of Key Biscayne.

Presently Stiltsville is comprised of seven remaining houses standing on pilings in shallow water. The shoals or mud flats under Stiltsville is soft mud, partially covered with grass. The water is from 1 to 3 ft deep at low tide. The general mud flat area is divided by several main navigational channels and is used extensively by many thousands of boaters.One of these channels is Biscayne Channel, the most frequently used channel south of Government Cut and the only access channel before Government Cut was made. Most of the houses are along the Biscayne Channel.

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1938 Historical Picture of the Calvert Club, Miami Beach Rod and Reel Club

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Miami Beach Rod and Reel Club, 1999 Outing

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